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Leather & Kink Shopping Cart

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Shopping Cart Secure?

A. Yes, the shopping cart system is secured by VeriSign EV SGC SSL certificates. This means customers like you will see the green bar on compatible browsers like you see at eBay and PayPal!
This level of SSL security is proven to increase customer confidence in the site.  This will not show at the initial cart page but will show at the checkout level of the cart system.

2. Why does the cart come up every time I add something to the cart?

A. The cart comes up with the first added product and allows you to choose the country where the items are going to be shipped to. With each additional item added it will come up again and allows you to change the quantity you are purchasing and also allows you to remove an item. You can return to the page you just left by clicking on the continue shopping button.

3. What is the promotional code box for?

A. The promotional code box is currently available for returning customers that have received an e-mail from us with a code to enter to receive an additional discount as a returning customer. We may in the future add additional discounts for other reasons as promotional offers.

4. When the site says there is a sale going on, when do I see the discount applied?

A. When you add items to the shopping cart and you exceed the minimum for the discount, you will see the percentage discount and the monetary discount on the shopping cart page. As you exceed each level for further discount, the percentage and monetary amounts will change.

5. How can I check the shopping cart while on a product page?

A. At any time during your shopping on the site, you may check the cart with the
View Cart
button at the top of each page, where it also shows the quantity in your basket and the Subtotal amount (which does not include any discount or shipping charge) of what your planned purchases are and also at the bottom of every product page there is a button to View Cart.

If you have further questions about the shopping cart, please forward them to us at: